Alberta Energy Corridor Advantage

The Alberta Energy Corridor, located in Alberta, Canada, is a region that is leading Canada’s economy.

  • Alberta’s personal tax rates are among the lowest in Canada.
  • Alberta is the only province without a provincial sales tax and has the lowest gasoline taxes in the country.
  • A two-income family of four earning $75,000 pays about $1,400 less in total provincial taxes, including health care premiums, sales and other excise taxes, in Alberta than in Ontario and almost $1,800 less than in British Columbia.
  • Alberta’s minimum wage is $8.80 per hour as of June 2010.

With approximately $14 billion per year of existing activity, Alberta is also one of Canada’s major metal manufacturing centres, behind only Ontario and Quebec. Thanks to a strong demand from Alberta’s energy sector – and the oilsands development just north of the Alberta Energy Corridor – there are numerous opportunities for manufacturing companies located within our region.

Alberta’s strategy combines natural advantages with a positive business climate to encourage and facilitate investment and growth:

  • a low tax regime
  • streamlined regulations
  • a strong fiscal framework
  • a modern infrastructure of transportation, utilities, education and health.
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